Sunday, January 2, 2011

Pearl Buttons Blouse

Colour: Cream
Size: Fits S - small L
Condition: 10/10 excellent condition. Brand New.Never worn. 
Description: A really cute top with cutesy pearl buttons i got from Room 8008 but never got the chance to wear. Great for casual outings, paired with pants or mini!
Love em vintagey pearl buttons ;)

RM 43 
*Brand new*

Monday, June 7, 2010

Electric Blue Bowie Skirt

Colour: Electric blue
Size: Size S (fits uk 4-6)
Material: Polyester Cotton
Condition: 10/10. Never worn.
Description: A really cute skirt from Dr.P's collection that we decided to keep for ourselves. But never got to wearing it.><>

Letting go at RM 35

Zara floral tube

Colour: Floral
Size: Tagged size S
Material: Cotton
Condition: 9/10. Worn once or twice.
Description: An original zara tube top i bought some time ago but didn't really have the chance to wear.
Guess tube tops are not really my cup of tea. :)
But its great for layering.
the florals are rily pretty too! :D

- The tags /labels have been removed but the washing instructions are still in tact. To show its authentic :)

Letting go at RM 35

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

One of A Kind

Colour: Turquoise.
It looks more blue-ish in the pictures but in reality, it is a lovely shade of turquoise.
Size: Free size. Fits UK6-small 8.
Material: Satin
Condition: 10/10. Worn once.
Description: A unique top that'll take you from dinner dates to lovely sundays.
Love the flowy drapes in the front and back.
Very Zara-inspired.

-Side zippers
-Slightly smocked at the back

Letting go at RM 33 *STEAL!*

Monday, May 31, 2010

MNG navy polka top

MNG top.
Nautical navy blue with cutesy polka dotties,
plus a cutesy bow too :)

Cutesy bow to boot!

Can be worn offshoulders.
In fact, we think its better worn off shoulders ;)

This top has a bit of batwing effect but no unnecessary exposures as you can see from the side view.:)

Nothing but the original.

Colour: Navy blue with polkas
Size: Tagged size XS but fits size S better.
Material: Cotton
Condition: 10/10. Worn once.
Description: A top that you can wear with your fav shorts or high waisted pants.
Fits casual outings best.;)
We loveeee the nautical colour plus polka dots!
- Key hole back

Letting go at RM 30 *STEAL!*

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Rose rose, i love you.

This was an imported piece previously sold out in Dr.Pizzicato.
Which was
Rose of Christmas in grey.:)

And we kept one of the two pretty shades for ourselves....(:


What's not to love abt this shade, no? :))
So warm, fuzzy and sweet.hehe

True colour here.

Colour: Coral.
A very nice peachy and orangey tone. :)

Material: Cotton
Condition: 10/10. Worn once.
Description: -Front and back design is the same.That is, with rose printed designs.

-Structured shoulders, which is still very in ;D

-Psst. This dress can do more than you think
Wear it as a top by tucking it into your skirt or high waist pants. Alternatively, pair it with sheer leggings for a different look altogether.
Try visualizing it. Its fantastic! Waist clincher optional.

Letting go at RM 40 *STEAL!*
**one&only imported piece**

Topshop Nautical hot pants

Nothing but the original.hehe.

Colour: Electric blue
Material: Superb quality hard cotton
Condition: 10/10. Brand NEW. Worn once only.

Description: Authentic Topshop hot pants i bought some time ago but never really had the chance to wear it.
A really one-of-a-kind piece dun ya think? I particularly
love the buttons on it. Makes it so nautical yet quite military at the same time.haha.
Nautical inspired
with 10 really chic adorning brass buttons.
Plus, its in a really gorgeous shade of blueeeee.:) Did we hear
6 of the buttons are
Two side pockets.

Am letting it go at a price you can't find elsewhere...cuz i think it's time this HOT hot pants is put to good use. Plus this design is no longer on sale in Topshop aite.;)

Rest assured, you're getting it at the best deal.

Size: UK 6/ Size S

NOW RM 80 only!
Letting go at RM 98 including shipping *major steal huns*
*bought at RM 156!*